1. Taekwondo techniques not to be displayed by members outside official club functions.

2. Students are not permitted to train together outside the organised club or centre and   students must train under an official authorised Instructor.

3. Breaking of tiles, boards or other materials is not permitted at normal club training. Breaking is only permitted at official gradings or special demonstrations authorised by Mr Macarthur.

4. No Student shall ask or challenge a higher grade belt to free spar. All sparring must be carried out in the presence of the Instructor.

5. At Taekwondo training clubs the Head Master Instructor in this case (Mr Macarthur) must be bowed to upon greeting at the club. He will return the bow to you. It is your duty to carry out correct rules of bowing to show proper manner and respect. Please request a copy of the “Rules of Bowing”; this will give you a clear understanding of the bow.

6. The “Club Oath" must be observed at all times. Each member must learn to recite the oath, and understand exactly the meanings within each part.

7. You must be loyal between yourself and your Instructor, this bond of loyalty between yourself and Instructor and Master is very special, but once this bond of loyalty is broken then all is lost. It all comes back to proper respect.

8. No member will gossip, discredit club members or any other styles of Martial Arts or members of such Martial Arts Styles. If you are guilty of discrediting other Martial Arts or individuals within our club you will be quickly removed.

9. All students must bow to the Instructor before and after the lesson.

10. It is your duty as a member of this organisation to demonstrate at all times good behaviour, use intelligent conversation and set an example that other people will follow.

11.Instructors are not to indulge in drinking whilst socialising with players and should never over indulge in alcohol at any time.

12. Dishonesty is forbidden.

13. When training with a player of a lesser standard of skill assist them and you yourself will become better.

14. Put others first.

15. An open mind is kept on all issues but the Master Instructor’s decision is final.

16. Students under 18 years of age must have prior written parental consent to be transported by any other student to any Taekwondo sanctioned event. The consent needs to be provided in writing, not verbal and is to be forwarded to the Head Instructor before the event.

17. Parents are responsible to ensure their child is under their supervision or their delegated person/persons until the child is physically inside the training venue. Dropping off Children in car parks unsupervised is forbidden in view of the safety of the child.

18. Emergency contact numbers are to be recorded on the front of each Training Card.