Taekwondo Poomse is meant by a "Form" in which a self-practice is devised to be performed in following the lines of movement in a systematic and consecutive way against an imaginary opponent or multi-opponents by using various Taekwondo techniques of hand and foot.

Through practicing Taekwondo Poomse, we can apply the techniques of hand and foot and the changes of stance learned from the basic techniques adaptable to actual fighting. It also provides us with the effects on improving flexibility of body and being skilled in strength control, balance control, breath control, eye control and concentration of spirit, as well as cultivating a martial art spirit through its mental discipline.


  • TAEGUK: This represents the most profound oriental philosophy from which philosophical views on the world, cosmos and life are derived. The Taeguk Poomse consists of different movements in sequence. the vital points of the Poomse are to make exact the speed of breath and action and move the body 
    weight properly while executing speedy actions. Thus, we can fully realize the main thought of Taeguk.
  • PALGYE: Supplementary Training. The thought of Palgye, another concept of the ancient oriental philosophy, implies symbolically all the phenomena of man and universe.